overview of the program
Grow your monthly recurring revenue. Strengthen your customer relationships. Learn about WWAN connectivity. Tap into a wealth of resources and industry leadership. Get ready for the future. Powered by MACH Networks.
Program pillars
An award-winning Partner Program built around Wireless WAN solutions from industry leaders
Service Providers :
Fully Managed white label WWAN solutions
Agents & VARs :
Earn monthly recurring commissions on a wide range of best-in-class WWAN connectivity solutions for SD-WAN, Wireless Failover, and IoT applications.
Fully Managed Solutions
Tap into a robust portfolio of fully managed WWAN solutions engineered to give you unparalleled visibility into key network and mobility service metrics.
Layer in your value-added services and deliver tailored solutions to your customers.
Sales Enablement
Flex your marketing muscle with easy-to-use, scalable tools and certifications designed to drive sales results.
Get trained quickly and easily on Wireless WAN products and services.
Partner First Culture
We are obsessed with your success. That’s why we have an inside sales team dedicated to supporting your opportunities, and why we provide our Partners with access to the tools, training and resources necessary to ensure your success.
The MACH Value Proposition
MACH makes is quick, easy and profitable to add fully managed Wireless WAN solutions to your portfolio. We provide access to a wide range of fully managed Wireless WAN solutions for SD-WAN, Wireless Failover, and IoT applications.
Fully managed data plans on the nation’s largest, fastest, most reliable 4G LTE networks.
Cross-carrier pooling now avaliable!
Enterprise class routers from industry leaders at prices offered exclusively to VZW customers.
OpEx program available for 10+ units!
Ongoing Technical Support from a team of Certified Professionals
No Overage 4G LTE Data Plans For Business Critical Applications.
Inventory management, stocking, fulfillment and ongoing management of the routers.
Coverage Analysis conducted and Routers are activated, configured and tested prior to shipping.
Simple, seamless ordering process with email updates on the status of the order.
Firmware updates and Daily health-checks with usage alerts to help protect against excessive overages.
Secure connectivity with Private Network Services and traffic blocking and shaping.
Reliable connectivity delivering four 9s or even five 9s reliablity with dual carrier solutions.
Get ready for the future
The turndown of 2G/3G services
5G: The transformation of the telecom industry
The Hype around SD-WAN
The hidden costs of adding WWAN solutions to your portfolio
I’m ready for
a conversation
Phone: (866) 972-7677
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